Veromo Enterprise is a small business aimed at the big time. In order to reach its lofty goals, Veromo Enterprise must focus on the mission behind the vision. It will take all the employees, owners, founders, and vendors daily living the vision that Veromo Enterprise represents. The vision manifests itself in three ways:

  1. Be one of the top three event planning specialists in the South Africa.
  2. Justly compensate the employees, owners, and founders of Veromo Enterprise .
  3. Produce the same quality results, every time.




Public Relations

Good PR will help tell your story when you have been misunderstood. Great PR will prevent a probable misunderstanding from arising. Whichever stage you are, we are here for you.

Marketing Solutions

In an ever changing, fast-paced world, success is determined by good choices for lasting effects. Communication is essential. We help you communicate to your target audience more effectively.

Events Management

Through consistent, predictable professionalism, Veromo Enterprise has helped deliver successful events at a reasonable price. Leaving event host worry and hassle-free.


We have over the years rendered our services to various organisations, listed below are some of the we have helped succeed